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Job Summary

We are searching for a dynamic and versatile individual to join our team as a Travel Writer, Blogger, and Photo Blogger on our Cuba Backpacking travel blog. This unique role requires a passion for travel writing and sharing tips. In order to qualify for this position you must have traveled extensively in Cuba.


  1. Travel Writing

    • Create compelling, well-researched, and informative travel articles, destination guides, and travel tips.
    • Craft engaging narratives that showcase the unique experiences, culture, and attractions of various destinations.
  2. Blogging

    • Manage and contribute to the travel blog, maintaining a consistent posting schedule.
    • Develop and execute creative blog ideas that cater to the interests of the target audience.
    • Incorporate personal experiences and storytelling techniques to enhance the blog's authenticity and relatability.
  3. Photography

    • Capture high-quality, visually appealing photos that complement written content.
    • Curate a visually cohesive and attractive Instagram feed to showcase travel experiences.
    • Collaborate with the design team to integrate photos seamlessly into blog posts for an immersive reader experience.
  4. SEO Optimization

    • Apply SEO best practices to all written content, ensuring articles are discoverable and rank well in search engines.
    • Conduct keyword research to optimize content for targeted audiences.
  5. Social Media Engagement

    • Promote blog content on social media platforms, fostering community engagement and increasing visibility.
    • Leverage social media channels to share photography and build a dedicated follower base.


  • Proven experience as a travel writer and blogger with a portfolio of published work.
  • Strong photography skills with experience in travel photography.
  • Proficient in using blogging platforms and content management systems.
  • Understanding of SEO best practices and content optimization.
  • Active engagement in social media platforms with a focus on travel communities.
  • Knowledge of current travel trends, destinations, and industry developments.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should submit their resume, a portfolio of relevant work, and a brief cover letter highlighting their travel experiences, writing style, and photography skills.

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